Saturday, January 2, 2010

Straight Key Night 2010

Another Straight Key Night has come and gone and it was fun as usual.  Many great fists and some nice sounding old radios on the air.  My first contact was with N8TI up in Michigan on my favorite band, 160M.  Enjoyed a nice chat with him.  Second contact was on 80 with KY4Z in Kentucky.  It was pretty late so I decided to head to bed.  The next morning I operated K3Y/8 for three hours and worked 29 contacts.  Most were SKCC members.  Afterwards, I just started calling CQ SKN and worked 6 more stations on 20M.  My vote for best fist was Frank, KA4JQZ.  I could copy his code all day.  Also, N6KN's Collins was wonderful to listen to.
I used my HiMound HK-802, My 1936 Martin Junior, and my 1946 Blue Racer Deluxe (in the picture).

A fun time!!


  1. It was a pleasure chatting with you during SKN Jason. I had been off the air for a while but I did not want to miss SKN again.

    73, Frank

  2. Frank, it was a pleasure to work you as well. I hope we can meet on the air again soon. I have your QSL card and will be sending you out a QSL card as well. 73! Jason N8XE